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What You Can Make

You can make custom versions of a wide selection of Gary Rosenthal sculptures. As part of the Hiddur Mitzvah Project, groups making a minimum of $675 worth of items will be given a 25% discount off the suggested retail price. Click an image for details.

Regular Items

HMA15 - Small Menorah
Retail $125
HM $93.75
HMA21S - Large Menorah
Retail $250
HM $187.50
HMA4SGL - Star Menorah
Retail $125
HM $93.75
HMA48 - Glass Star Menorah
Retail $90
HM $67.50
HMDT2 - Dreidel Top
Retail $33
HM $24.75
HMGM2 - Pointed Mezuzah
Retail $110
HM $82.50
HMGM39 - Simple Brass Mezuzah
Retail $70
HM $52.50
HMGMS - Folded Mezuzah
Retail $70
HM $52.50
HMKC28 - Kiddush Cup
Retail $125
HM $93.75
HMSC3 - Candlestick Pair
Retail $170
HM $127.50
HMSC7N - Small Candlestick
Retail $85
HM $63.75
HMSPM6 - Seder Plate Combo
Retail $150
HM $112.50
HMTB1 - Small Tzedakah Box
Retail $50
HM $37.50
HMTBSG - Large Tzedakah Box
Retail $100
HM $75
HMTYAD - Yad with Stand
Retail $110
HM $82.50

Special Programs

Preschool Paper Project The Glass Ribbon Project Twinning
The Preschool Paper Project
For children under 6
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The Glass Ribbon Project
Our FREE community project
to fight against breast cancer
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The Twinning Project
Share your experience with a gift
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In addition to our standard products, you may incorporate a custom piece into your program as well. This four foot tall community Tzedakah box on the left was made for the 60th anniversary of the Princeton Jewish Center in New Jersey. The glass panels were created by the students participating in the Hiddur Mitzvah Project at their center. The one on the right is now mounted on the wall in the University of Maryland Hillel building.

Princeton Tzedakah Box University of MD Hillel Tzedakah Box

Contact us if you want to commission a large Hiddur Mitzvah sculpture, to discuss design and cost.

"The Hillel students loved working with Gary on the ark, coming up with the tree of life concept and helping make the colored glass and the metal branches. Designing and constructing the ark helped foster their Jewish identity at college in an exciting and unforgettable way."
Ted Merwin
Hillel Director
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA